Clockwork Watch. Character, research and portrayol furthered.

Working on this project has been amazing so far. I’ve worked incredibly closely with Josh and Alice. Creating a small group with big stories. My character is sexist and disgusting, rich and a clock rustler. Someone who steals and sells clocks, I am not a nice man and I do not agree with their sentience however, I have often lied that I do support the clocks and MLF in order to gain support against the Angel Corps.

My two clocks, Rodney and Elsie were acquired differently. Once I clockrustled the clocks from a small hidden village that I slaughtered, I kept Rodney for myself and repaired his broken limbs by handing him into a local Blacksmith. Then Rodney and I found Elsie, whom we had fixed ourselves due to Rodney’s expertise in fixing clocks

As the events of the angels arrived nearer I experimented with how Gerald would move, in this case I took the inspiration from Commedia Dell’ Arte.

I was at first unsure if he should take inspiration from Il Capitano or Il Dottore. I realised that my character would have stories to tell rather than facts and at the end of the day he is not a formidable person who relies on his allies fighting for him rather than actually defending himself. Il Capitano was perfect for him, approaching, confronting and fleeing. Any violence he succeeds in is from sneaking and purposely going against anyone he can overpower.

The character also sent out a letter to try and form a group against the Angel Corps but it was leaked to the London Gazette. Since then his support has left him and rumours of his documents that declare his ownership of his clocks being false are running rampant. He is running out of loyalty and is in danger of his crimes past and present being published.

Little known to him his rich status and affection for his clocks won’t save him from Elsie and Rodney who plan to one day kill him and live their own lives.

Despite how strong and confident Gerald may seem, he is falling apart and panicking. His plot for money and the death of the Corps is not going to complete, Rodney and Elsie will leave/kill him and his crimes will be revealed and everything will be lost.


Today me and Daniel went to ‘The New Union Tavern’ where we would be performing on Saturday so that we could see where we were performing and what our parameters for space would be like.

While there we agreed the space was small and that the outside would be wet however the manager explained he was calling in a gazebo and that the back area would be empty besides us as he would be closing it off from public until the night.

On the inside we were shown where the live band of the night would be performing. In the space pictured below. To make room, the furniture in the way would be moved.

Overall the space is small but that is not a negative as we have more chance to get close and personal with the audience. Meaning that we would be having a more intimate performance which is always better.


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